Thursday, October 19, 2006
Scenes from a Mall:

Today I went for a power walk through the mall. I generally avoid mall stores like the plague, as they are ridiculously expensive. But today I stopped in a few.

My first store was Urban Outfitters. Don't ask me why, as I would never wear anything from them. Anyway, they had the "Post Secret" book there. I thumbed through it. Some secrets made me feel sad and disturbed. Some made me smile.

Then I went to Bath and Body Works, to return the yucky-smelling raspberry shower gel someone bought me. I had a 9.50 credit, so I bought liquid hand soaps (4 for 10.00, perfect!). The kids went nuts over their "Double Bubble Berry" foam stuff. I'm thrilled - I'm a stickler for post-potty hand washing.

Next on to Pottery Barn. "Do you guys have oval baking pans?" Nope. "Try Williams and Sonoma." Nope. "Try Crate and Barrel." There, I met the cutest old lady named Lorelei. (Is that a great name, or what?) She went nuts over Zalman. She could not stop gushing over him. I loved her. In Crate and Barrel I discovered all kinds of amazing cookware, but no oval baking pans.

While looking at silicone basting brushes, I thought about Sarah Shapiro. She wrote "Growing with My Children." She wrote about stuff all over her apartment that needed fixing. Though they'd been living with it for awhile, one day she called a repair man. How much easier life was! Finally, the closet door was fixed! Finally, the light was repaired! All the little things they'd been "putting up with" were now obsolete.

I thought about the things in my house that need fixing, that we refuse to deal with because we rent. The bathtub that won't drain properly. The carpet that desperately needs replacing. The fact that it really needs a paint job. If I only had the silicone basting brush! I'd wave it like a magic wand and make all our problems go away.



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